Common Fall Claims

With Halloween coming and the leaves falling, October has a spooky vibe to it. Not just for you guys, though, insurance companies get the chills thinking about the increase of specific claims that happen during the Fall. Every season has its list of common claims that differ from the next season. Insurance companies are all about numbers, and they keep detailed records of what’s going on so that they can be prepared. The following is a list of common claims that tend to occur in the fall.


  1. Parking Lot Accidents. How many of you start your shopping early? While the shelves are fully stocked, and there’s no craziness from the last minute shoppers. The mall is typically the busiest during the last few months of the year. Things happen that you wouldn’t think to consider–like accidents in the parking lot. Park farther away from cart returns if you can, to avoid carts rolling into your car, or backing into a stray cart on your way out of the lot. If a parking spot is too tight, find another one, even if it means walking a further distance. If you’re afraid, ask a mall security officer to walk you to your car.  Next time you go to the mall, think of how you could prevent these kinds of accidents
  2. Theft. When your shopping is done, you might be considering making another stop before you go home. But are you thinking about all the brand new, valuable items sitting in your back seat? A thief would almost blow a gasket with excitement at the sight of all those shopping bags. Go straight home after shopping instead. Carry your bags inside immediately and put them in a safe spot. Valuable items such as rings and other jewelry can go in a safety deposit box. Always keep your car doors locked and your windows rolled up to prevent theft as well.
  3. Fires. The number of claims dealing with home fires increases during the fall. Why? People are using their fireplaces, lighting smell-good candles, and cooking for visitors. Being aware of the fire hazards that come with everyday activities is essential for your safety. The more aware you are, the more precautions you will take to avoid a fire in your home. For more information about fire safety, read this post.
  4. Animal Collisions. When you’re driving late at night, it can be easy to zone out and become absorbed in your thoughts. Sometimes, you may ignore the warning signs posted on the side of the road about wildlife crossing. During the colder months, food becomes scarcer for these animals. Also, neighborhood development spreads closer to these animals’ homes as the population increases, leaving the animals no choice but to roam where the cars are. Unfortunately, no one told them to look both ways before crossing the street, so they may wind up in the middle of the road, confused. It’s up to us to watch for their beady eyes and large bodies as we are driving. If you see an animal in the road ahead, honk your horn for a long time to scare them away. Always be on the lookout.


Being safe will decrease the risk of an unfavorable event taking place in your life that could have been avoided.

By: KayLynn P.

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