Six Ways Your Homeowner’s Insurance May Protect You That You Weren’t Aware

Six Ways Your Homeowner’s Insurance May Protect You That You Weren’t Aware

You probably purchased homeowners’ insurance for two reasons. Your mortgage lender may have required you to carry it and In addition, you likely wanted the protection a homeowners’ insurance policy provides in the event of catastrophic damage to your home. Many homeowners’, however, fail to realize that there are potential additional benefits to a homeowners’ insurance policy they may not be aware of. Here are six ways your homeowner’s insurance policy may offer additional protection.

  1. Living Expenses. A homeowners’ insurance policy may not only pay for the repairs or reconstruction of your home, but it may also offer benefits that will cover your living expenses while your home is being repaired or rebuilt. This can be significant as a home could take months to restore into pre-catastrophe condition. Covered expenses could include a hotel or short term rental, utilities and even an allowance for food and laundry.
  2. Items Lost or Stolen While Traveling. It is likely your homeowners’ insurance policy has provisions to cover luggage and other personal items that may be lost or stolen while traveling. This may even include items that are lost while being shipped back to your home. If your hotel room is broken into or if a bag is stolen while on a train, your homeowners’ insurance policy may cover your losses.
  3. Damaged or Vandalized Grave Markers.It’s true. If a grave marker or headstone has been stolen or vandalized from a grave that you own, it is likely your homeowners’ insurance policy will cover the loss. Most policies have minimal limits however, often $1,000.
  4. Losses Resulting from a Power Outage. A loss of power can lead to a variety of losses including significant losses of refrigerated and frozen foods. Depending on the deductible, these losses can at least be partially covered by homeowners’ insurance.
  5. Actions of a Pet. Should an insured’s dog bite or a cat scratches a friend, neighbor or delivery person, homeowner’s can be held liable. A homeowners’ insurance policy will provide coverage for the policyholder in the event of a dog bite.
  6. Falling Debris. Many homeowners may be surprised to learn that they would be covered should falling debris strike their home. This includes such anomalies as a meteor or debris from a passing airplane. It may be unlikely but it is comforting to know a homeowners’ insurance policy can offer protection in such circumstances.

Anytime you experience a loss or threat involving your home, contact your homeowners’ insurance company. You may not always be covered for every issue. On the other hand, you may have coverage in some unexpected ways.

If you have questions about your homeowners’ insurance policy or would like to get a quote, please contact our independent insurance agents. We will go to work for you in getting the coverage you deserve at a competitive price.

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