International Day of Peace

What if, for one day, we could put aside all of our differences and live in harmony? What if we could look at one another without judgement, and fill our hearts with love for each other instead? What if we treated others like they are family in honor of the single commonality that we share–we are alive! We are sharing this planet, each of us with our own goals, aspirations, fears, and interests. We are all human!

What if I told you, today is that day! While this should be a celebration everyday, today is designated by the United Nations as International Day of Peace! Beginning in 1981, people all over the globe observe this holiday with love in their hearts. Twenty years following the first International Day of Peace, the general assembly of the United Nations declared this day to be a day of “global ceasefire and nonviolence.” Internationally, this day is celebrated with things like marches, music, meditations, and informational conferences. How will you choose to celebrate the heart-warming idea of peace within every race, culture, and country?

One of the definitions of peace is: freedom from disturbance.To understand the true importance of peace, you must also understand the opposite of peace. Unreasonable violence warranted against one for differing beliefs, skin color, or backgrounds leads to that disturbance referenced in the definition. What is within one that brings out hate that is not within the one who seeks peace? Inner contentment is to peace as inner turmoil is to violence. Having peace within yourself reflects into your reality. Are you at peace with who you are? If not, how can you have love and compassion for yourself so that you may reflect that to others? The desire for peace comes from the value of love in your heart.

By: KayLynn P.

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