Frequent After-Market Add-ons for Cars and Trucks

Frequent After-Market Add-ons for Cars and Trucks

There’s no question we love our vehicles in America, so much so that we can’t seem to leave them alone. New or used, we need to tinker, upgrade, and make them our own…often to the tune of thousands of dollars. Here are just a few of the more frequent alterations we make to our cars and trucks.

Sound Systems

This is nothing new, of course, but now instead of 8-track stereo systems and FM converters it is more about power and bass. Thunder in the distance? Nope. It’s just the neighbor getting home on a Friday.

Enhanced Lighting

Pickup truck, Jeep, and SUV owners love ’em. Oncoming drivers have a different emotion. LED, brilliant, colorful, and custom lighting certainly adds a flare to new vehicles and can even make it better to see the road.

Upgraded Wheels and Tires

There was a time when 17-inch tires seemed extreme. Wheels and tires just seem to be getting bigger and more elaborate. Oh, by the way, they are also getting MUCH more expensive. You can easily invest several thousand dollars in specialty rims and tires.

Video Cameras

Video cameras in cars started as an enhancement to rear view mirrors. Today, they can provide 360-degree views around your vehicle, video capture your trips, and even provide security when your car is parked. Some amazing incidents have been captured by dash cams around the world.

Rugged Front Bumpers

As if today’s full-size pickup trucks weren’t intimidating enough, aftermarket companies have found a lucrative market in selling bulky add-on bumpers that seem to be able to take on the world. From flat black to chrome, the choice is yours. After-market truck bumpers are terrific for those who enjoy off-roading or for those who want to appear that they go off-roading.

Adding after-market features to your car or truck can make it more practical and safer. It can also make it more stylish and enjoyable. It also likely adds value to your vehicle. That’s why it is important you connect with your independent auto insurance agent when considering upgrades to your vehicle. This can help make sure your vehicle is insured for its upgraded value. Contact us today to discuss your vehicle and your options.

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