The Slowly, and Not So Slowly, Evolving Modern Home

The Slowly, and Not So Slowly, Evolving Modern Home

If you haven’t viewed any newly constructed homes lately, you may not be aware there are changes occurring. Modern homes are a reflection of the current generation and their families, what is important to them, and how they want to live their lives. In many cases, sprawling suburban homes are being replaced by smaller, more efficient space with an emphasis on safety, security, convenience and low maintenance. Here’s a look at how modern single-family homes are changing.

Associations Are Becoming More Common

While HOA’s have frequently been a target for some homeowners, younger homeowners seem to have less of an issue with them. They may view them as a way to prevent uncomfortable neighbor to neighbor confrontations and enjoy the services they provide. Even if a neighborhood doesn’t have abundant amenities like a park, pool or playground, young families still appreciate features like included lawn care and landscaping.


Home security is a growing factor in a selection of a modern home, including secure entrance doors, double-pane windows and security and alarm systems. Families are opting for in-home and exterior cameras and security lighting. For many, limited or gated access is a plus.

Smart Features

Younger homeowners have few concerns about smart devices and apps to make life more convenient. These conveniences include smart thermostats, smart major appliances, smart lighting and security systems.

Less Formal, More Versatile Space

Modern homes are more likely to include offices, recreational space and great rooms as opposed to formal spaces like dining rooms. Kitchens frequently have more features and amenities but may generally be smaller than in the past. Living spaces on a single level are popular, limiting use of steps and stairs.

Smaller Driveways and Yards

Younger homeowners simply have little interest in exterior maintenance. Homes are being constructed with shorter driveways, smaller front yards and low maintenance landscaping.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

Younger buyers are investing in quality personal space including upgraded bathrooms, large walk-in showers, natural stone flooring and tile and more. This is particularly true in master-suites.

Because they are new and constructed in compliance with the latest building codes, newly constructed homes are often less expensive to insure. If they have built-in security features, they may qualify for additional discounts. If you are considering the purchase of a new home, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide a homeowners’ insurance quote. We search our network of insurance companies to find a price you can feel comfortable with. Make sure your insurance is as effective and efficient as your new home. Contact us for a no obligation quote today.

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