Things You May Not Realize You Can Do In Michigan

Things You May Not Realize You Can Do In Michigan

You may know you can snowmobile in the winter in Michigan or catch one of the four major league sports in the Detroit area, but the Wolverine State is not without its surprises. Here are some things you may not realize you can do in the state of Michigan.

Race Over Sand Dunes

The desert Southwest is not the only place in America to experience racing over sand dunes in America. There are some amazing sand dunes in Michigan. One, “Old Baldy,” at Whitefish Dunes State Park in Sturgeon Bay, soars about nine stories above lake level.

Enjoy Christmas All Year

In Frankenmuth, Michigan, Christmas is celebrated year round, and the celebration reaches new heights during the holidays. Frankenmuth is a cute little town in Central Michigan that is worth a visit anytime of the year.

See the Nation’s Largest Stadium

They call it “The Big House” for a good reason. The University of Michigan Football Stadium in Ann Arbor has a seating capacity of about 108,000 but has held up to 115,000 people for a 2013 game against Notre Dame. It is the largest stadium in the United States.

Drive South to Enter Canada

Most are aware that Michigan is a Northern Midwest state that borders Canada (at multiple junctures). But few realize that you must actually travel due south from Detroit to get to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The Detroit River separates the two cities, with Detroit to the north.

Dip Your Toes Into Four Great Lakes

There are five Great Lakes, and eight states touch at least one of them. Michigan, however, is the only state that touches four of the five, including Superior, Huron, Michigan, and Erie. The only Great Lake it does not directly touch is Lake Ontario.

Go to Hell

In Michigan, you can literally go to Hell, an unincorporated town in Livingston County. The town has embraced its name and, for a price, you may even become mayor of Hell for a day.

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