Tips for Keeping Dogs Warm in the Winter

Unfortunately, it’s common for dog owners to make the mistake of thinking that cold weather doesn’t affect their pets. Although dogs are designed to withstand cold temperatures with special biological features, too low of temperatures can be just as harmful to them as it would be to us, even with their fur coats.

Exposure to frigid temperatures for a lengthy amount of time puts your dog’s health at risk. At the point which your animal can no longer maintain a healthy body temperature, the dog can develop symptoms leading to hypothermia and frostbite, just like humans.

Whether the temperature is too cold for your pet depends on different factors, such as the size and breed of your pup. Chilly weather mixed with wet conditions creates a greater risk for dogs to be outside. With proper research, you’ll know whether or not to decide against letting your dog outside for a prolonged period of time.

To avoid a veterinarian trip this winter, or having to file a claim on your pet insurance, try these suggestions to keep your furry friend warm.

  1. Be sure to observe your dog’s behavior. If you watch, you’ll know if your dog is uncomfortably cold. When the weather is 20 degrees and below, that’s a warning not to keep your dog outside for too long. Frigid temperatures like this increase the risk of your dog getting sick.
  2. Take advantage of the sunshine. Limit outdoor time with your pup to when the sun is out and the temperature is warm. When you must take your pup out to potty, keep the trips short.
  3. If your dog usually sleeps outside, consider keeping your dog inside for the season. Freezing temperatures are not suitable for dogs that did not originate from a cold climate. Make a cozy place for him/her to crash–it’s not worth the risk of your dog getting sick from the cold.
  4. Dogs need blankets too! Find a thick blanket, possibly made of wool, to keep in the kennel or on the doggy-bed.
    • If possible, purchase a doggy warming bed or heated blanket.
  5. Buy an adorable winter coat for your dog. Smaller, short-haired dogs especially need one. Maybe add some little gloves for their paws, too. It’ll make for a cute photo!
  6. If your dog wants to play in the snow, limit the time spent outside. When you bring your dog in, dry him/her off with a towel instantly.

Go the extra mile to take care of your best friend, making sure she/he is happy and comfortable.

By: KayLynn P.

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