The Business of Business

The Business of Business

What business are you in? More specifically, who are your customers? For some companies, they are in the business of business. Their products and services are mainly designed for businesses and their customers are primarily business owners. Who are some of these companies?


This category is a bit deceptive in that at first glance, radio and television, for example, may appear to be in the broadcasting or entertainment business. Their real business, however, is selling their audience to advertisers. This also includes newspapers, magazines, billboards and even the internet and social media.

Business Associations

Virtually every business category has a long list of associations on the local, regional and national level. Realtors, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, funeral directors, and even hardware stores all have organization specific organizations that simply only exist as a business for businesses.

Promotional Products

Odds are unless your neighbor has a business, he’s never given you a T-shirt with his name and likeness on it. Promotional items are created for businesses to build name recognition and branding. From calendars to pens and visors to T-shirts, companies that produce promotional items target businesses or all types.

Sign Companies

If you have a bricks and mortar business, odds are you have at least some sort of signage. Signage can range from large neon or back-lit signage to vinyl window signage or styrofoam stone-look signs. Signage tells those who see it much more about your business than just your name, they help convey who you are.

Business Insurance

Business insurance, too, is designed specifically for companies of all sizes. From small home-based businesses to large manufacturers, business insurance helps protect equipment, inventory, furniture, electronics and more from losses from theft, fire and even storm damage. It also protects from the financial losses that can result from liability claims.

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