A Habit to Break

Let’s play a game. It’s called two truths, one lie. Can you guess which statement is a lie?

  1. The sky is blue.
  2. The Earth is round.
  3. No one ever texts and drives.

A quarter of all the accidents in America are caused by texting and driving. Research shows Americans spend up to four hours a day with their eyes glued to their cell-phone screens.

How about you?

Distracted driving causes much of modern-day car accidents. These distractions range from eating to talking, to on-the-road sightseeing. However, texting while driving is far worse because it takes your eyes entirely off the road for a length of time. Being physically distracted disrupts the cognitive function relating to hand-eye coordination. In result, your ability to steer properly is interrupted, likely causing you to veer out of your lane. This is why texting while driving impairs you to about the same level as drunk driving, studies show.

Texting and driving could result in taking another person’s life, or your own life. Also, you are subject to high fines, license suspension, and rise in auto-insurance rates. Instead, make a playlist for when your driving and shuffle before you put the car into drive. Start up your GPS and let the computerized voice do your navigating. Then, put your cell phone down and think twice about your risks before you pick it up again.

Next time you pick up your phone while you’re driving, I hope you stop and think. The consequences are not worth that text message.

 By: KayLynn

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